It’s not you, it’s your estimates

Office Space Meme. Top Text: If you could give me an update on your estimates. Bottom Text: That would be great.
Office Space Meme

If I had been a better developer, I would have delivered this before my deadline!

Where it all goes wrong

As a way to familiarize the team with new hardware or software

Assuming a normal distribution for estimates, the chance that an estimate takes less time follows a cumulative distribution, that can grow very slowly around the average.
If you want increased confidence in your estimate, increase the time you give yourself!
Ola Sendecka: Into the Rabbit Hole — PyWaw Summit 2015

How to improve on your estimates

Final Story

Manager: Have you tried refactoring, before tackling this big task?

Me: This work is the refactoring.

Manager: Well, did you try breaking it down into multiple smaller tasks?

Me: Yes, but the code is so coupled I could only do so much.

Manager: Well if it’s so coupled and hard to work on, why didn’t you tell us before now?



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