It’s not you, it’s your estimates

Office Space Meme. Top Text: If you could give me an update on your estimates. Bottom Text: That would be great.
Office Space Meme

So what went wrong?

Estimation and developer skills go hand in hand

Where it all goes wrong

Spiking and non-spiking development

The easiest parts take the least time; the hardest the most.

False average equivalency problem

Assuming a normal distribution for estimates, the chance that an estimate takes less time follows a cumulative distribution, that can grow very slowly around the average.
If you want increased confidence in your estimate, increase the time you give yourself!

Always be finished

Biting off more than you can chew

Rabbit holes

Ola Sendecka: Into the Rabbit Hole — PyWaw Summit 2015
  • Underestimate the problem
  • Fixed on solving only the surface problem
  • Continues after a number of failures
  • Convinced the final solution is close
  • Cannot give up

Lack of Communication

How to improve on your estimates

Think before

Think during

Think after

Final Story




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Craig Stone

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